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6 Micro-well Glass Bottom Plates

6 Micro-well Glass Bottom Plates picture


6 micro-well glass bottom plates are easier to handle than glass bottom dishes. Also different micro-well size offers the flexibility of different sample size and amount of regents needed for assays.
  • Suitable for long term tissue culture
  • Manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room
  • 6 well plates are made from virgin polystyrene, tissue culture treated.
  • German cover glass of superior optical quality
  • A USP class VI adhesive is used to assemble the cover glass and the plate.
  • Individually packed in easy to peel trays
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation.
Catalog # Well Size Cover Slip (cover slip spec & application) Packing Price(case) Quantity
P06-14-0-N » 14mm #0 indiv. packed, 20/case $150.00
P06-14-1-N » 14mm #1 indiv. packed, 20/case $150.00
P06-14-1.5-N » 14mm #1.5 indiv. packed, 20/case $150.00
P06-20-1-N » 20mm #1 indiv. packed, 20/case $150.00
P06-20-1.5-N » 20mm #1.5 indiv. packed, 20/case $150.00
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