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Multi-well plate cover with #1 (0.13-0.16mm) cover glass for DIC (Differential interference contrast) imaging

Plate Lids L001 picture


Catalog # : L001, request a free sample
Description : Multi-well plate cover with #1 cover glass. Suitable for DIC (Differential interference contrast) imaging. Special purpose optical lids fits our 6/12/24/96/384 well glass bottom plates.
Feature :
  • Manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation.
Packing : 10 per case
Price : $90.00/case

Technical specifications

Cover slip specification and applications.

Cover slip #1 cover glass (0.13 - 0.16 mm)

Dimension diagram (units in mm)

Plate Lids L001 dimension

Coated Glass bottom dishes/plates are available from our following business partners:

Coating Protocols: