Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

How do I place an order?

Use any of the following methods to place an order:

  • Order online on our website (highly recommended). Both purchase order and credit payment are accepted.
  • Send order by fax to us at 408-746-9275 (purchase order with PO#). We accept credit card order by fax but for your security online ordering on our website is highly recommend.
  • Send order by email (purchase order with PO# only)

How do I place a purchasing order?

Obtain a purchasing order number from your purchasing department, write down purchasing order contact information(contact, address).

Place a purchase order by any of the following methods:

  • Order online, you will be asked to fill out the purchasing order form when you check out.
  • Fax the purchasing order to us at 408-746-9275
  • Email the order to us at

How do I place an order using a credit card?

Order your items online on our website, at the payment options page select the 'Credit Card' option. For your security please DO NOT send your credit card information to us by email.