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Publications citing Cellvis "6 Well glass bottom plates"

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  1. A proposed mechanism for spontaneous transitions between interictal and ictal activity
    T Jacob, et al., Journal of Neuroscience 16 November 2018
    Quote: "Slices 285 were then transferred to membrane inserts (PICMORG50; Millipore), which were placed in 286 glass-bottomed six-well plates (P06-1.5HN, CellVis)."

  2. The Autism Protein Ube3A/E6AP Remodels Neuronal Dendritic Arborization via Caspase-Dependent Microtubule Destabilization
    Natasha Khatri, et al., Journal of Neuroscience Vol. 38, Issue 2 10 Jan 2018
    Quote: "Briefly, dissociated neurons from rat hippocampus or cortex were seeded onto poly-l-lysine-coated (Sigma-Aldrich) coverslips in 60 mm dishes, each containing five coverslips, six-well plates, or glass-bottom six-well plates (In Vitro Scientific)"

  3. 3D Bioprinting–Flow Cytometry as Analytical Strategy for 3D Cell Structures
    S Gretzinger, et al., Bioprinting Volume 11, September 2018
    Quote: "Round scaffolds of 9 mm in diameter and 4 horizontal and vertical lines (line spacing 2.25 mm) were printed up to a height of 3 mm directly into 6 well glass bottom plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, USA)"

  4. Pooled optical screens in human cells
    D Feldman, et al., BioRxiv, August 02, 2018
    Quote: "Cells were then split for screening either via in situ sequencing or by FACS. For in situ screening, 500,000 cells were seeded into each well of a glass-bottom 6-well plate (CellVis)."

  5. DISC1 regulates N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor dynamics: Abnormalities induced by a Disc1 mutation modelling a translocation linked to major mental illness
    lise Malavasi, et al., BioRxiv June 17, 2018
    Quote: "The astrocyte-containing cell culture inserts were then transferred to Poly-D-Lysine coated 6 well high precision (1.5H) glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific)"

  6. Micro-scaled topographies direct differentiation of human epidermal stem cells
    S Zijl,et al., Acta Biomaterialia Volume 84, 15 January 2019, Pages 133-145
    Quote: "TopoChips were mounted onto glass 6-well plates (Cellvis) with ProLong Gold anti-fade reagent (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Images (20x objective) were acquired on"

  7. Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) modulates afterhyperpolarizations in oxytocin neurons of the supraoptic nucleus
    MK Kirchner, et al., The Journal of Physiology, May 2017
    Quote: "Recording pipettes (4–8 MΩ) were pulled from borosilicate glass with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm using a P-1000 flaming/brown horizontal micropipette puller (Sutter … P06-1.5HN, In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA, USA)"

  8. Nuclear Microenvironments Modulate Transcription From Low-Affinity Enhancers
    Justin Crocker, et al., BioRxiv
    Quote: "Expanded gels containing embryos were imaged in 6-well glass bottom plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, California, USA) using a Zeiss LSM 800 confocal microscope"

  9. Near infrared spectroscopic assessment of developing engineered tissues: correlations with compositional and mechanical properties
    A Hanifi, et al., Analyst
    Quote: "Seeded scaffolds were transferred into 6-well glass-bottom cell culture dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) with media changes"

  10. Ptdins (4, 5) P2 (PIP2) modulates afterhyperpolarizations in oxytocin neurons of the supraoptic nucleus
    MK Kirchner, et al., The Journey of Physiology
    Quote: "Recording pipettes (4-8 MΩ) were pulled from borosilicate glass with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm using a P-1000 flaming/brown horizontal micropipette puller (Sutter ... P06-1.5HN, In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  11. Induction of varicella zoster virus DNA replication in dissociated human trigeminal ganglia
    RJ Cohrs, et al., Journal of NeuroVirology, February 2017, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 152–157
    Quote: "Dissociated ganglia were suspended in 20 % fetal bovine serum-supplemented Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium containing antibiotics and antimycotics (Life Technologies, Waltham, MA) and cultured in six-well glass-bottom tissue culture plates (Cellvis,"

  12. Imaging of transfection and intracellular release of intact, non-labeled DNA using fluorescent nanodiamonds
    V Petrakova, et al., Nanoscale
    Quote: "The equivalent of 10 5 cells seeded on a glass bottomed 6-well plate (In Vitro Scientific, USA) was incubated either with FND–PEI or FND–PEI–DNA"

  13. Eliminating Size‐Associated Diffusion Constraints for Rapid On‐Surface Bioassays with Nanoparticle Probes
    J Li, et al., Small
    Quote: "Setup: Glass-bottom 6-well plates (In Vitro Scientific) were used for cell staining studies"

  14. Multiplexed Fluid Flow Device to Study Cellular Response to Tunable Shear Stress Gradients
    Maggie A. Ostrowski, et al., Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Nov 2015
    Quote: "cells were plated onto a 6-well cell culture dish with a #1.5 glass coverslip bottom (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)."

  15. Erk regulation of actin capping and bundling by Eps8 promotes cortex tension and leader bleb-based migration
    Jeremy S Logue, et al., Elife, July 2015
    Quote: "Cells were plated on 6-well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA) either directly, or after coating with either 5 or 50 µg/ml human plasma fibronectin (Millipore, Billerica, MA) or poly-L-Lysine (Millipore), as noted."

  16. Computer-Assisted Transgenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans for Deep Phenotyping
    CL Gilleland, et al., Genetics, July 2015
    Quote: "cover glass-bottom well plates (In Vitro Scientific Item# P06-1.5HN)"

  17. HU-induced polymorphous filamentation in fish pathogen Edwardsiella tarda leading to reduced invasion and virulence in zebrafish
    L Wang et al., Veterinary Microbiology Volume 171, Issues 1–2, 25 June 2014, Pages 165–174
    Quote: "EPC cells were seeded onto 6-well glass-bottom plate (In Vitro Scientific, USA)."

  18. A Bacteriophage Tailspike Domain Promotes Self-Cleavage of a Human Membrane-Bound Transcription Factor, the Myelin Regulatory Factor MYRF
    Zhihua Li, Yungki Park, Edward M. Marcotte, Plos Biology 2013
    Quote: "Cells cultured in glass bottom six-well plates (In Vitro Scientific) were fixed with 4% formaldehyde"

  19. Improved throughput traction microscopy reveals pivotal role for matrix stiffness in fibroblast contractility and TGF-β responsiveness
    Aleksandar Marinković, Justin D. Mih, Jin-Ah Park, Fei Liu, and Daniel J. Tschumperlin, American Journal of Physiology - Lung Physiol August 1, 2012 vol. 303 no. 3 L169-L180
    Quote: "Glass-bottom six-well plates (In Vitro Scientific) were treated with a 0.4%aqueous solution of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane"

  20. Virulence determinants in the obligate intracellular pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis revealed by forward genetic approaches
    Bidong D. Nguyen and Raphael H. Valdivia, PNAS January 9, 2012, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1117884109
    Quote: "HeLa cells were seeded on glass-bottom six-well plates (In Vitro Scientific) and infected withLGV-L2 without centrifugation at an MOI of 5"

  21. Lipooligosaccharide is required for the generation of infectious elementary bodies in Chlamydia trachomatis
    Bidong D. Nguyen, Doreen Cunningham, Xiaofei Liang, Xin Chen, Eric J. Toone, Christian R. H. Raetz, Pei Zhou, and Raphael H. Valdivia, PNAS (May 31, 2011), doi: 10.1073/pnas.1107478108
    Quote: "HeLa cells were seeded on glass-bottom sixwellplates (In Vitro Scientific) and infected with C. trachomatis LGV-L2"