Publications Citing Cellvis (formerly In Vitro Scientific) Products

Due to significant increase of the citations of our products in publications, it becomes tedious for us to manually collect hundreds of publications that cited our products every year. We have decided to use the citation service offered by to display publications that are published on bioRxiv since 2019. To search all publications that cited our products please go to Google scholar. Thank you!

201 - 250 of 577 publications before 2019

  1. Lysosomal integral membrane protein-2 as a phospholipid receptor revealed by biophysical and cellular studies
    Karen S. Conrad, et al., Nature Communications 8, Article number: 1908 (2017)
    Quote: "The cells were plated into each chamber of a 4-chamber, glass bottom, 35 mm dishes (Cellvis) at a density of 60,000 cells per well."

  2. Annihilation of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus via Photobleaching of Staphyloxanthin
    Pu-Ting Dong, et al., BioRxiv 2017
    Quote: "Poly-D-lysine (Sigma Aldrich) was applied to coat the surface of glass bottom dishes (35 mm, In Vitro Scientific) overnight"

  3. Influence of omega-3 fatty acids on bovine luteal cell plasma membrane dynamics
    MR Plewes, et al., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes Volume 1859, Issue 12, December 2017, Pages 2413-2419
    Quote: "Mixed luteal cells were plated in four-chamber glass-bottom culture dishes (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA, USA) at 5 × 10 4 cells/dish"

  4. Foxo1 nucleo-cytoplasmic distribution and unidirectional nuclear influx are the same in nuclei in a single skeletal muscle fiber but vary between fibers
    Y Liu, et al., American Journal of Physiology, Nov 2017
    Quote: "Fibers 143 were gently dissociated and individual muscle fibers (~40/chamber) were plated on a four 144 chamber glass bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific D35C4-20-1-N) with laminin coating (Invitrogen 145 23017-015)."

  5. Efficient in situ barcode sequencing using padlock probe-based BaristaSeq
    Xiaoyin Chen, et al., Nucleic Acids Research, Nov 2017
    Quote: "BHK cells were cultured in MEM-α (Thermo Fisher Scientific) supplemented with 5% FBS (Thermo Fisher Scientific), MEM Vitamin (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Penn/Strep (Thermo Fisher Scientific) on glass bottom 96-well plates (Cellvis) coated with poly-d-lysine"

  6. Lipid signaling affects primary fibroblast collective migration and anchorage in response to stiffness and microtopography
    MA Mkrtschjan, et al., Journal of Cellular Biology, Volume 233, Issue 4 April 2017
    Quote: "Flat and microtopographical substrata of stiffness 100 and 400 kPa were fabricated from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) (DowCorning, Midland, MI) by varying ratios of base to curing agent and spun onto cell culture glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA)"

  7. Rapid DNA replication origin licensing protects stem cell pluripotency
    Jacob Peter Matson, et al., eLife. 2017; 6: e30473.
    Quote: "For immunofluorescence microscopy, hESCs were plated as single cells in mTeSR1 with 10 μM Y-27632 2HCl in Matrigel-coated, 24 well, #1.5 glass bottom plates (Cellvis)"

  8. A biomaterial screening approach reveals microenvironmental mechanisms of drug resistance
    AD Schwartz, et al., ntegr. Biol., 2017,9, 912-924
    Quote: "1.5 coverslip glass; in vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) or 15 mm coverslips (Thermo) were plasma treated (Harrick Plasma, Ithaca, NY) and subsequently methacrylate-silanized with"

  9. In vivo super-resolution imaging of neuronal structure in the mouse brain
    BE Urban, et al., IEEE Transactions on Biomedic, Volume: 65 Issue: 1
    Quote: "1 mL of the mixture was placed in a 29 mm glass bottom dish with a 20 mm bottom well (D29-20-0-N, In Vitro Scientific)"

  10. Imaging extracellular ATP with a genetically-encoded, ratiometric fluorescent sensor
    Jason M. Conley, et al., Plos One, Nov 2017
    Quote: "cells were seeded, as indicated, onto nitric acid-cleaned and washed 18-mm #1.5 coverslips, or into Cellvis 12-well or 24-well glass bottom plates with high performance #1.5 cover glass"

  11. Chromatin histone modifications and rigidity affect nuclear morphology independent of lamins
    Andrew D. Stephens, et al., MBOC, Nov 2017
    Quote: "Cells were grown to the desired confluence in cell culture dishes containing glass coverslip bottoms (In Vitro Scientific)."

  12. Formation and disassembly of a contractile actomyosin network mediates content release from large secretory vesicles
    D Segal, et al., Biorxiv, Nov 2017
    Quote: "For imaging, glands were trasnferred to a 35mm #0 Glass Bottom Dish, with 14mm Bottom Well (Cellvis D35-14-0-N)"

  13. The ventral disc is a flexible microtubule organelle that depends on domed ultrastructure for functional attachment of Giardia lamblia
    Scott Charles Dawson,et al., Biorxiv 2017
    Quote: "3D stacks and time lapse movies were acquired of live cells grown in 96-well #1.5 black glass bottom imaging plates (In Vitro Scientific)."

  14. A genetically encoded Ca2+ indicator based on circularly permutated sea anemone red fluorescent protein
    Yi Shen, et al., Biorxiv 2017
    Quote: "HeLa cells (60-70% confluency) on 35 mm glass bottom dishes (In vitro scientific) were transfected with 1 μg of plasmid DNA"

  15. Effect of pH on polyethylene glycol (PEG)-induced silk microsphere formation for drug delivery
    J Wu, et al., Materials Science and Engineering: C Volume 80, 1 November 2017, Pages 549-55
    Quote: "Drug-loaded silk microspheres were suspended in 20 μl ultrapure water which was added to a well of cell culture dish with a glass bottom (29 mm dish with 20 mm bottom well, In Vitro Scientific"

  16. Vimentin is required for lung adenocarcinoma metastasis via heterotypic tumor cell-cancer-associated fibroblast interactions during collective invasion
    AM Richardson, et al., Clinical Cancer Research, 2017
    Quote: "Frozen tissue was cut into 2mm pieces and ground in glass mortar and pestle in 1mL of lysis buffer TNES buffer … MatriGel (VWR) in 35mm Dish with 14mm bottom well (Cellvis)"

  17. Two-photon photoactivated voltage imaging in tissue with an Archaerhodopsin-derived reporter
    Miao-Ping Chien, et al., Arxiv, 2017
    Quote: "Glass-bottom dishes covalently modified with fibronectin Glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, D35-14-1.5-N) were covalently modified with fibronectin to facilitate subsequent photochemical crosslinking of cells to the dish"

  18. Simultaneous Real-Time Measurement of the β-Cell Membrane Potential and Ca2+ Influx to Assess the Role of Potassium Channels on β-Cell Function
    NC Vierra, et al., Potassium Channels pp 73-84, 2017
    Quote: "Poly-d-lysine coated 35 mm glass-bottom dishes (CellVis #D35–14-1.5-N)"

  19. Activatable Near‐Infrared Probe for Fluorescence Imaging of γ‐Glutamyl Transpeptidase in Tumor Cells and In Vivo
    Zhiliang Luo, et al., Chemistry, A European Journal, Volume 23, Issue 59 October 20, 2017
    Quote: "Fluorescence Imaging and Colocalization Studies: Cells (~5 x 104) were seeded to a glass-bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, D35-20-1-N) and allowed to grow for 24 h"

  20. An Integrin-Targeted, Highly Diffusive Construct for Photodynamic Therapy
    Oliver J. Klein, et al., Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 13375 (2017)
    Quote: "For imaging experiments, cells were plated on coverglass-bottomed dishes (In Vitro Scientific)."

  21. Fabricating MnO2 Nanozymes as Intracellular Catalytic DNA Circuit Generators for Versatile Imaging of Base‐Excision Repair in Living Cells
    F Chen, et al., Advanced Function Materials, 2017
    Quote: "HeLa cells and MCF-7 cells were seeded in 8-well Chambered Cover Glass (Cellvis, USA) at 60 000 cells per well at 37 °C for overnight"

  22. Lipid signaling affects primary fibroblast collective migration and anchorage in response to stiffness and microtopography
    MA Mkrtschjan, et al., Journal of Cellular Physiology, 15 October 2017
    Quote: "Flat and microtopographical substrata of stiffness 100 and 400 kPa were fabricated from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) (DowCorning, Midland, MI) by varying ratios of base to curing agent and spun onto cell culture glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA)"

  23. Direct evidence of APLP1 trans interactions in cell-cell adhesion platforms investigated via fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
    V Dunsing, et al., Mol. Biol. Cell October 11, 2017
    Quote: "6x10 5 cells were seeded in 35 mm dishes (CellVis, Mountain View, CA) with optical glass bottom"

  24. Control of Thiol-Maleimide Reaction Kinetics in PEG Hydrogel Networks
    LE Jansen, et al., Biorxiv 2017
    Quote: "Hydrogels are formed on a glass bottom well-plate (no. 1.5 coverslip glass; In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) that was plasma treated"

  25. Cellular Contraction Can Drive Rapid Epithelial Flows
    Dhruv K.Vig, et al., Biophysical Journal, Volume 113, Issue 7, 3 October 2017, Pages 1613-1622
    Quote: "silane (3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane) (Sigma-Aldrich) was vapor-deposited onto a 29-mm glass-bottom dish with a 14-mm microwell (In Vitro Scientific)"

  26. Identification and characterization of three novel mutations in the CASQ1 gene in four patients with tubular aggregate myopathy
    Virginia Barone, et al., Human Mutation, 2017
    Quote: "Cells were plated on four-chamber glass bottom dishes (In vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA)"

  27. RSV glycoprotein and genomic RNA dynamics reveal filament assembly prior to the plasma membrane
    Daryll Vanover, et al., Nature Communications 8, Article number: 667 (2017)
    Quote: "Cells were plated on No. 1.5 coverslips (Electron Microscopy Sciences) or 35 mm glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific) 1 day prior to infection"

  28. Competing memories of mitogen and p53 signalling control cell-cycle entry
    HW Yang, et al., Nature 549, 404–408 (21 September 2017)
    Quote: "In brief, cells were plated in a 96-well glass plate (Cellvis P96-1.5HN) that was pre-hybridized with collagen"

  29. Theaflavins from black tea affect growth, development, and motility in Dictyostelium discoideum
    AN Ilacqua, et al., Elsevier Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Volume 491, Issue 2, 16 September 2017, Pages 449-454
    Quote: "AX4 cells expressing GFP (AX4-GFP) [22] grown to 1–5 x 10 6 cells/ml were plated in 96-well glass-bottomed plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA, USA) at a density of 5 × 10 3 cells per well"

  30. Surface Toll-like receptor 3 expression in metastatic intestinal epithelial cells induces inflammatory cytokine production and promotes invasiveness
    Marit Bugge, et al., The Journal of Biological Chemistry 292, 15408-15425.
    Quote: "In nuclear translocation studies, HT29 cells were seeded in 96-well glass-bottom plates (P96-1.5H-N, In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) and treated with poly(I:C) alone"

  31. ROS induced distribution of mitochondria to filopodia by Myo19 depends on a class specific tryptophan in the motor domain
    Boris I. Shneyer, et al., Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 11577 (2017)
    Quote: "Adherent U2OS cells were plated a day before transfection on glass bottom dishes purchased from In-vitro Scientific (Mountain View, CA, USA)"

  32. Patterned surface anchoring of nematic droplets at miscible liquid–liquid interfaces
    X Wang, et al., Soft Matter, 2017
    Quote: "29 mm-in-diameter glass bottom dish with 10 mm-in-diameter and 1 mm-in-depth microwell (#1.5 cover glass) was purchased from Cellvis (Mountain View, CA)"

  33. Mechanical response of collagen networks to nonuniform microscale loads
    B Burkel, et al., Soft Matter, 2017
    Quote: "The acrylamide was cast in the bottom of a glass bottom dish (CellVis)"

  34. Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Derivative-Incorporated and Enzyme-Responsive Hybrid Hydrogel for Tumor Cell-Specific Imaging and Activatable Photodynamic Therapy
    Meng Li, et al., ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng., September 2017
    Quote: "Twenty-four well glass bottom plate (black plate with lid, 0.17 ± 0.005 mm, P24–1.5H–N) was purchased from in vitro scientific (Cellvis, USA)"

  35. The genetically engineered drug rhCNB induces apoptosis via a mitochondrial route in tumor cells
    Yang Yang, et al., Oncotarget. 2017 Sep 12; 8(39): 65876–65888.
    Quote: "HepG-2 or SK-hep-1 cells were seeded in 35-mm glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific; D35-20-1-N) and transfected with the indicated plasmids for 48 h"

  36. Analysis of Actin-Based Intracellular Trafficking in Pollen Tubes
    Y Jiang, et al., Methods in Molecular Biology, 2017
    Quote: "3 Glass Bottom Dish with Cover. Cat# D35-20-1-N, In Vitro Scientific"

  37. Adhesion to the host cell surface is sufficient to mediate Listeria monocytogenes entry into epithelial cells
    Fabian E. Ortega, et al., MBOC, August 2017
    Quote: "MDCK monolayers, cultured in collagen-I–coated glass-bottom 12-well plates (Cellvis)"

  38. A Plasmodium plasma membrane reporter reveals membrane dynamics by live-cell microscopy
    PC Burda, et al., Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 9740 (2017)
    Quote: "1 × 105 HeLa cells were seeded into live-cell imaging dishes (MatTek, In Vitro Scientific) and infected the next day with transgenic sporozoites."

  39. Determination of Autophagy in the Caco-2 Spontaneously Differentiating Model of Intestinal Epithelial Cells
    S Tunçer, et al., Methods in Molecular Biology, August 2017
    Quote: "Glass bottom dish: 35mm Glass bottom dish with 20 mm micro-well #0 cover glass (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA, USA, cat no: D35-20-0-N)."

  40. The Anti-Tumor Effects of M1 Macrophage-Loaded Poly (ethylene glycol) and Gelatin-Based Hydrogels on Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    AD Guerra, et al., Theranostics. 2017; 7(15): 3732–3744.
    Quote: "The formulations were then pipetted (100μL) into a 10mm glass-bottom Petri dish (In vitro Scientific) with a circular recess and then polymerized by"

  41. A synthetic planar cell polarity system reveals localized feedback on Fat4-Ds1 complexes
    Olga Loza, et al., eLife. 2017; 6: e24820.
    Quote: "A co-culture/monoculture of Fat4-citrine and Ds1-mCherry expressing cells (1.6 × 104 cell/ml) was seeded onto 24-well glass bottom plates (Cellvis, USA)"

  42. DNA damage checkpoint dynamics drive cell cycle phase transitions
    HX Chao, et al., Biorxiv, Aug 2017
    Quote: "cells were plated in poly-D-lysine coated glass-bottom plates (Cellvis) with FluoroBrite™ DMEM"

  43. Hundred joules plasma focus device as a potential pulsed source for in vitro cancer cell irradiation
    J. Jain et al., AIP Advances 7, 085121 (2017)
    Quote: "The cell cultures were seeded in 4-chamber 35 mm petri dish (In vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA, USA)."

  44. Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Is Involved in Nucleus Pulposus Degenera
    ZY Xie, et al., DNA and Cell Biology, 2017
    Quote: "Immunofluorescent staining After being fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde for 20min, NPCs on glass bottom dishes (Cellvis) were blocked in a buffer"

  45. Doxorubicin delivered by a redox-responsive dasatinib-containing polymeric prodrug carrier for combination therapy
    J Sun, et al., Journal of Controlled Release Volume 258, 28 July 2017, Pages 43-55
    Quote: "Cell uptake and intracellular trafficking. 4T1.2 cells were seeded in glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, USA)"

  46. Fast two-photon imaging of subcellular voltage dynamics in neuronal tissue with genetically encoded indicators
    Simon Chamberland, et al., eLife. 2017; 6
    Quote: "Cells were plated onto glass-bottom 24-well plates (In vitro Scientific) for standard imaging"

  47. Tumacrophage: macrophages transformed into tumor stem-like cells by virulent genetic material from tumor cells
    Yizhuang Zhang, et al., Oncotarget. 2017 Oct 10; 8(47): 82326–82343.
    Quote: "Monocytes were plated at a density of 2.5 ×106/ml in glass confocal dishes (D35-20-0-N, Cellvis)."

  48. Physical disruption of cell–cell contact induces VEGF expression in RPE cells
    Farhad Farjood, et al., Mol Vis. 2017; 23: 431–446.
    Quote: "ARPE-19 and hRPE cells were cultured in glass-bottom well plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA) until a confluent monolayer formed"

  49. Quantitative Brightness Analysis of Protein Oligomerization in the Nuclear Envelope
    JaredHennen, et al., Biophysical Journal, Volume 113, Issue 1, 11 July 2017, Pages 138-147
    Quote: "Cells were subcultured into 24-well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) before transfection."

  50. Lysosomal accumulation of anticancer drugs triggers lysosomal exocytosis
    Benny Zhitomirsky, et al., Oncotarget. 2017 Jul 11; 8(28): 45117–45132.
    Quote: "HeLa cells were plated in 24-well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, CA, USA)"