Publications Citing Cellvis (formerly In Vitro Scientific) Products

Due to significant increase of the citations of our products in publications, it becomes tedious for us to manually collect hundreds of publications that cited our products every year. We have decided to use the citation service offered by to display publications that are published on bioRxiv since 2019. To search all publications that cited our products please go to Google scholar. Thank you!

301 - 350 of 577 publications before 2019

  1. Mitochondrial behaviour throughout the lytic cycle of Toxoplasma gondii
    Jana Ovciarikova, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "Freshly release extracellular parasites were inoculated on pre-coated poly-l-lysine (1:10 in PBS) glass bottom dish (Cellvis) at 4 °C."

  2. Horizontal transfer of whole mitochondria restores tumorigenic potential in mitochondrial DNA-deficient cancer cells
    Lan-Feng Dong, et al., ELife
    Quote: "Transfected ρ0 cells were seeded with MSCs prepared from C57BL/6Nsu9DsRed2 mice in glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific) at 1:1 ratio"

  3. Copy-number and gene dependency analysis reveals partial copy loss of wild-type SF3B1 as a novel cancer vulnerability
    Brenton R Paolella, et al., eLife
    Quote: "Cells were plated on 35 mm glass bottom dishes with #1.5 cover glass (D35-14–1.5 N, In Vitro Scientific)."

  4. Thioredoxin-1 Selectively Activates Transglutaminase 2 in the Extracellular Matrix of the Small Intestine IMPLICATIONS FOR CELIAC DISEASE
    NM Plugis, et al., JBC
    Quote: "The cells were seeded at 10 6 cells/ml on 24-well glass cell culture plates (0.5 ml, CellVis catalog no. P24-1.5HN)"

  5. zWEDGI: Wounding and Entrapment Device for Imaging Live Zebrafish Larvae
    K Huemer, et al., Zebrafish
    Quote: "The No. 1.5 glass bottom dish (60 mm dish, 30 mm glass well; In Vitro Scientific) and the zWEDGI PDMS device were placed into the PDC-001 Plasma Cleaner"

  6. Induction of varicella zoster virus DNA replication in dissociated human trigeminal ganglia
    RJ Cohrs, et al., Journal of NeuroVirology, February 2017, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 152–157
    Quote: "Dissociated ganglia were suspended in 20 % fetal bovine serum-supplemented Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium containing antibiotics and antimycotics (Life Technologies, Waltham, MA) and cultured in six-well glass-bottom tissue culture plates (Cellvis,"

  7. Arabidopsis HAP2/GCS1 is a gamete fusion protein homologous to somatic and viral fusogens
    Clari Valansi, et al., Journal of Cell Biology
    Quote: "equal amounts of cells were mixed and seeded in glass-bottom plates (12-well black, glass-bottom #1.5H; Cellvis)"

  8. Nondestructive Assessment of Engineered Cartilage Composition by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
    CM McGoverin, et al., Annals of Biomedical Engineering
    Quote: "Glass-bottom well plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) were used due to the absence of absorbance in the NIR spectral region"

  9. Quantification of labile heme in live malaria parasites using a genetically encoded biosensor
    James R. Abshire, et al., PNAS
    Quote: "Culture suspensions were added to glass-bottom 24-well plates (In Vitro Scientific) pretreated with 0.1% polyethyleneimine."

  10. DeadNet: Identifying Phototoxicity from Label-free Microscopy Images of Cells using Deep ConvNets
    David Richmond, et al., Arxiv, 2017
    Quote: "Cells were plated for imaging on black 24-well or 6-well #1.5 coverslip glass bottom plates (CellVis)"

  11. PARK2-dependent mitophagy induced by acidic postconditioning protects against focal cerebral ischemia and extends the reperfusion window
    Zhe Shen, et al., Autophagy
    Quote: "primary neurons were seeded onto a poly-l-lysine-treated glass bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, D35–20–0-N) and transfected with GFP-LC3 or GFP-PARK2 as aforementioned."

  12. Metabolic origins of spatial organization in the tumor microenvironment
    Carlos Carmona-Fontaine, et al., PNAS
    Quote: "Tube Formation Assay. Macrophages alone or cocultured with tumor cell lines were cultured in glass bottom 96-well plates (Cellvis; P96-1-N)"

  13. Marrow-inspired matrix cues rapidly affect early fate decisions of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
    Ji Sun Choi, et al., Science Advances
    Quote: "PA gels were prepared in a 14-mm glass-bottom culture dish (In Vitro Scientific)"

  14. Local alignment vectors reveal cancer cell-induced ECM fiber remodeling dynamics
    Byoungkoo Lee, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "spheroids were collected and resuspended in 2.0 mg/ml collagen type I (Advanced Biomatrix, San Diego, CA), then plated in a 35 mm glass bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) for multiphoton microscopy."

  15. Sphingosine and Sphingosine Kinase 1 Involvement in Endocytic Membrane Trafficking
    S Lima, et al., JBC
    Quote: "For live cell imaging, 50,000 cells were seeded per well of a 24-well glass bottom dish (Cellvis)"

  16. 6α-Acetoxyanopterine: A Novel Structure Class of Mitotic Inhibitor Disrupting Microtubule Dynamics in Prostate Cancer Cells
    Claire Levrier, Martin, et al., Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
    Quote: "HeLa-EB1-GFP cells (20,000 cells/well) were seeded and allowed to attach for 48 hours in a 35-mm 4-chambers glass bottom dish (Cellvis)."

  17. Directed evolution of key residues in fluorescent protein inverses the polarity of voltage sensitivity in the genetically-encoded indicator ArcLight
    J Platisa,et al., ACS Chem. Neurosci
    Quote: "In all cases, cells were plated either on glass bottom 96-well black dishes (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA)"

  18. IKKα regulates human keratinocyte migration through surveillance of the redox environment
    Thomas S. Lissa, et al., Journal of Cell Science
    Quote: "For RNA and scratch analyses, cells were cultured in 12-well plates (Corning, 3513) and 8-chamber glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, C8-1.5H-N), respectively."

  19. Parkin elimination of mitochondria is important for maintenance of lens epithelial cell ROS levels and survival upon oxidative stress exposure
    Lisa Brennan, et al., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
    Quote: "For transient transfection, SRA 01/04 were plated onto 35 mm 2 glass bottom tissue culture dishes (CellVis, Mountain View, CA)"

  20. Fibrin structural and diffusional analysis suggests that fibers are permeable to solute transport
    KA Leonidakis, Acta Biomaterialia
    Quote: "Fibrinogen and thrombin components were thoroughly mixed to a total volume of 60 μL and pipetted directly on a 24 imaging well plate (Cellvis)"

  21. Therapeutic Targeting of the Mitochondria Initiates Excessive Superoxide Production and Mitochondrial Depolarization Causing Decreased mtDNA Integrity
    KL Pokrzywinski, et al., PLOS One
    Quote: "MDA-MB-231 cells were seeded on glass bottom dishes (Cellvis; Mountain View, CA) a"

  22. In vivo single-molecule imaging of syntaxin1A reveals polyphosphoinositide- and activity-dependent trapping in presynaptic nanoclusters
    Adekunle T. Bademosi, et al., Naure Communications
    Quote: "Dissected larvae pinned to a cylindrical sylgard base were inverted onto glass-bottomed culture dishes (In Vitro Scientific) filled with 2 ml Schneider's Insect medium"

  23. Labeling proteins inside living cells using external fluorophores for microscopy
    Kai Wen Teng, et al., eLie
    Quote: "cells were plated in a 35 mm glass bottomed dish with 14 mm micro-well cover glass (Cellvis)."

  24. Sodium ascorbate kills Candida albicans in vitro via iron-catalyzed Fenton reaction: importance of oxygenation and metabolism
    Pinar Avcr et al., Future Medicine
    Quote: "Images were acquired using a 35 mm 4-chamber glass-bottom petri dish (in vitro scientific)."

  25. Characterization of drug effect on leukemia cells through single cell assay with optical tweezers and dielectrophoresis
    J Hou,, IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience
    Quote: "A 35 mm Petri dish with a thin glass bottom (Catalog #D35-10-0-N, Cellvis) was used to culture the OCI-AML3 cells."

  26. Decoding Ca 2+ Signals as a Non-electrophysiological Method for Assessing Drug Toxicity in Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes
    CH George, et al., Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Quote: "Silicon gaskets (2 × 2 wells) are sterilised by autoclaving,wetted in 70 % (v/v) ethanol and pressed to a 14 mm diameter glass-bottomed coverslip in individual plastic chambers (Cellvis)"

  27. ntegrins outside focal adhesions transmit tensions during stable cell adhesion
    Y Wang, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "Glass bottom petridish (D35-14-1.5-N, In Vitro Scientific) was incubated with 1 mg/ml BSA-biotin"

  28. Minimum Transendothelial Electrical Resistance Thresholds for the Study of Small and Large Molecule Drug Transport in a Human in Vitro Blood–Brain Barrier Model
    JL Mantle, et al., Molecular Pharmaceutics
    Quote: "differentiated BMECs were passaged onto glass-bottom 24-well plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA)"

  29. Reversible G Protein βγ9 Distribution-Based Assay Reveals Molecular Underpinnings in Subcellular, Single-Cell, and Multicellular GPCR and G Protein Activity
    K Senarath, et al., Analytical Chemistry
    Quote: "One day before the transfection of DNA into cells, 1 × 10 5 cells were seeded on 35 mm glass-bottomed dishes (In Vitro Scientific)"

  30. Subdiffractional tracking of internalized molecules reveals heterogeneous motion states of synaptic vesicles
    erja Joensuu, et al., The Journal of Cell Biology
    Quote: "Hippocampal neurons were obtained from Sprague Dawley rats at embryonic day 18 as previously described (Kaech and Banker, 2006; Heine et al., 2008; Harper et al., 2011) and cultured on poly-d-lysine–coated glass-bottom dishes (D29-20-1.5N; Cellvis)"

  31. Hydroxychloroquine potentiates carfilzomib toxicity towards myeloma cells
    K Baranowska, et al., Oncotarget
    Quote: "ANBL-6 cells were seeded in poly-L-lysine coated 96 well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA, USA)"

  32. Home Current Issue Papers in Press Editors' Picks Reflections Minireviews p70S6K1 (S6K1)-mediated Phosphorylation Regulates Phosphatidylinositol 4-Phosphate 5-Kinase Type I γ Degradation and Cell Invasion
    Naser Jafari, et al., JBC
    Quote: "Glass-bottom dishes were coated with Alexa 488-conjugated gelatin"

  33. Laccase-mediated formation of mesoporous silica nanoparticle based redox stimuli-responsive hybrid nanogels as a multifunctional nanotheranostic agent
    L Qiao, et al., Nanoscale
    Quote: "Hela cells were seeded in glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific) at a density of 2 × 10 5 cells per dish"

  34. The low molecular weight fraction of commercial human serum albumin induces acetylation of α-tubulin and reduces transcytosis in retinal endothelial cells
    GW Thomas, et al., Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
    Quote: "HREC were grown on glass bottom 24-well tissue culture plates (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA)"

  35. Modulation of collective cell behaviour by geometrical constraints
    M Lunova, et al., Integr. Biol.,
    Quote: "As a control we used standard glass bottom 35 mm culture dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, California, USA)"

  36. Incorporation of Viral Glycoprotein VSV-G Improves the Delivery of DNA by Erythrocyte Ghost into Cells Refractory to Conventional Transfection
    X Liu, et al., Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
    Quote: "EG/VSV-G complexes were loaded into a 35-mm glass bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) and air-dried overnight"

  37. Designing Efficient Double RNA trans-Splicing Molecules for Targeted RNA Repair
    Clemens Hüttner, et al., Int. J. Mol. Sci.
    Quote: "Wild-type keratinocytes and both untransduced and dRTM15-transduced RDEB keratinocytes were seeded at a density of 2.08 × 104 cells/cm2 onto glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA, USA)"

  38. Influence of serum albumin on intracellular delivery of drug-loaded hyaluronan polymeric micelles
    K Nešporová, et al., International Journal of Pharmaceutics
    Quote: "Cells were cultured on chambered coverglass (Cellvis) and during imaging kept in medium with given concentration of carrier."

  39. Dorsal stress fibers, transverse actin arcs, and perinuclear actin fibers form an interconnected network that induces nuclear movement in polarizing fibroblasts
    M Maninová, et al., FEBS
    Quote: "For live cell fluorescence microscopy, cells were plated on glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA, USA) coated with 1 μg·mL−1 of human fibronectin"

  40. The X-Linked Autism Protein KIAA2022/KIDLIA Regulates Neurite Outgrowth via N-Cadherin and δ-Catenin Signaling
    James Gilbert , et al., eNuro
    Quote: "Hippocampal neurons were plated on 18-mm circular coverslips (Carolina, Burlington, NC; cat. # 633013, No. 0) in 60-mm Petri dishes (five coverslips/dish) and six-well glass-bottom imaging dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA; cat. # P06-20-1-N)"

  41. Symmetry breaking in spreading RAT2 fibroblasts requires the MAPK/ERK pathway scaffold RACK1 that integrates FAK, p190A-RhoGAP and ERK2 signaling
    Z Klímová, et al., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research
    Quote: "Glass-bottom dishes for life cell imaging were obtained from In Vitro Scientific."

  42. A role for activated Cdc42 in glioblastoma multiforme invasion
    Hidehiro Okura, et al., Oncotarget
    Quote: "Spheroids were then transferred to a 35 mm glass bottom imaging dish (In Vitro Scientific. Cat# D35-14-1.5-N) and embedded within BD Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix"

  43. The Ki-67 and RepoMan mitotic phosphatases assemble via an identical, yet novel mechanism
    Ganesan Senthil Kumar, et al., eLife
    Quote: "HeLa cells were seeded in a 4-Chamber 35 mm Glass Bottom Dish with 20 mm microwell, #1 cover glass (Cellvis) and transfected with X-tremeGENE 9 DNA Transfection Reagent"

  44. Seipin is required for converting nascent to mature lipid droplets
    Huajin Wang, et al., eLife
    Quote: "S2 cells cultured in 24-well plates were transferred to glass-bottom dishes (MatTek Corporation) or glass-bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific) coated with Concanavalin A"

  45. Live endothelial cells imaged by Scanning Near‐field Optical Microscopy (SNOM): capabilities and challenges
    K Bulat, et al., Journal of Biophotonics
    Quote: "To conduct the SNOM studies on the fixed cells in physiological buffer, cells were seeded in glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, #1.5 – thickness: 0.16–0.19 mm)"

  46. Impact of cordon‐bleu expression on actin cytoskeleton architecture and dynamics
    NE Grega‐Larson, S et al., Cytoskeleton
    Quote: "On the day of imaging, 35-mm glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, D35-20-1.5-N) were coated with 25 μg/mL laminin"

  47. he Q-rich/PST domain of the AHR regulates both ligand-induced nuclear transport and nucleocytoplasmic shuttling
    A Tkachenko, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "HepG2 cells and HEK293 cells were seeded either on 6-well plates (Techno Plastic Products AG, Trasadingen, Switzerland), glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunyvale, CA, USA)"

  48. Spatial and temporal specificity of Ca2+ signalling in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in response to osmotic stress
    P Bickerton, et al., The New Phytologist
    Quote: "Cells were placed in 35-mm glass-bottomed dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA, USA) coated with 0.01% poly-L-lysine"

  49. Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC) Analysis of Protein–Protein Interactions and Assessment of Subcellular Localization in Live Cells
    EPS Pratt, et al., Methods in Molecular Biology
    Quote: "Four chamber 35 mm glass bottom tissue culture dishes (Cellvis, Mountain View, CA, USA)"

  50. Selection and characterization of the novel anti-human PD-1 FV78 antibody from a targeted epitope mammalian cell-displayed antibody library
    L Luo, et al., Cellular & Molecular Immunology
    Quote: "The glass bottom dish was obtained from In Vitro Scientific (Mountain View, CA, USA)"