Publications Citing Cellvis (formerly In Vitro Scientific) Products

Due to significant increase of the citations of our products in publications, it becomes tedious for us to manually collect hundreds of publications that cited our products every year. We have decided to use the citation service offered by to display publications that are published on bioRxiv since 2019. To search all publications that cited our products please go to Google scholar. Thank you!

351 - 400 of 577 publications before 2019

  1. Dexamethasone rapidly inhibits glucose uptake via non-genomic mechanisms in contracting myotubes
    H Gong, et al., Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    Quote: "Myotubes grown on glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, USA) were loaded with 10 μM Fluo-3 AM for 30 min"

  2. Protein kinase A modulation of CaV1.4 calcium channels
    Lingjie Sang, et al, Nature Communications
    Quote: "For microscope-based FRET assays, HEK293 cells cultured on 3.5-cm culture dishes with integral No. 0 glass coverslip bottoms (In Vitro Scientific)"

  3. Protection of rhesus macaques against inhalational anthrax with a Bacillus anthracis capsule conjugate vaccine
    DJ Chabot, et al., Vaccine
    Quote: "RAW 264.7 mouse macrophages (ATCC, Manassas, VA) seeded at 1.4 × 10 4 /well in Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium with 10% heat inactivated FBS (DF10) in 96-well 0.15 μm-thick glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  4. Plasma membrane cholesterol level and agonist-induced internalization of δ-opioid receptors; colocalization study with intracellular membrane markers of Rab family
    J Brejchova, et al., Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes
    Quote: "The 35 mm Glass bottom dishes with 20 mm micro-well #1.5 cover glass were purchased from In Vitro Scientific"

  5. Long-term growth of moss in microfluidic devices enables subcellular studies in development
    CS Bascom, et al., Plant Physiology
    Quote: "PDMS chambers were bonded to the bottom glass surfaces of either 12-well glass bottom plates or 35-mm glass bottom dishes (Cellvis, In Vitro Scientific)"

  6. Mobility and subcellular localization of endogenous, gene-edited Tau differs from that of over-expressed human wild-type and P301L mutant Tau
    Di Xia, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "For live-cell confocal imaging, 200,000 cells were plated into 35 mm glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific)"

  7. Porphyrins with directly meso-attached disaccharide moieties: Synthesis, self-assembly and cellular study
    M Malachowska, et al., Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
    Quote: "HeLa cells were seeded in concentration 1 × 104 cells per well into 96-well clear-bottom plate (in vitro scientific)"

  8. Focal adhesions control cleavage furrow shape and spindle tilt during mitosis
    N Taneja, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "Growth substrates were prepared by coating #1.5 glass coverslips (In Vitro Scientific, D35C4-20-1.5N or D35-20-1.5N)"

  9. Ultrasound-Mediated Microbubble Destruction (UMMD) Facilitates the Delivery of CA19-9 Targeted and Paclitaxel Loaded mPEG-PLGA-PLL Nanoparticles in Pancreatic Cancer
    Lingxi Xing, et al., Theranostics
    Quote: "were seeded into 6-well plates at a density of 5×10 5 cells/well for flow cytometry and into 35 mm glass bottom dishes with 10 mm micro-well (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA, USA)"

  10. Purinergic P2Y1 Receptors Control Rapid Expression of Plasma Membrane Processes in Hippocampal Astrocytes
    M Chisari, et al., Molecular Neurobiology
    Quote: "To perform live cell imaging experiments, 35-mm dishes with glass insert (20 mm, 1.5 thickness) were used (In Vitro Scientific, IBL Baustoff + Labor GmbH, Austria)"

  11. The importance of selecting a proper biological milieu for protein corona analysis in vitro: Human plasma versus human serum
    V Mirshafiee, et al., The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
    Quote: "Cells were plated in glass-bottomed dishes (In Vitro Scientific)"

  12. p120 Catenin suppresses basal epithelial cell extrusion in invasive pancreatic neoplasia
    AM Hendley, et al., Cancer Research
    Quote: "Three hundred μL cells per well were placed in 24-well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, P24-1.5HN) coated with a thin polymerized layer of Matrigel"

  13. ethodology for Quantitative Characterization of Fluorophore Photoswitching to Predict Superresolution Microscopy Image Quality
    AM Bittel, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "Single-molecule samples were fixed in 96-well glass bottom plates with #1.5 coverglass bottom (In Vitro Scientific)"

  14. Cellular contraction and polarization drive collective cellular motion
    J Notbohm, et al., Biophysical Journal
    Quote: "1.5 glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA), a glass coverslip (no. 1 thickness, 18-mm diameter circle) was placed on top"

  15. Fluorogenic Substrates for Visualizing Acidic Organelle Enzyme Activities
    FK Harlan, et al., Plos One
    Quote: "Live fibroblasts derived from a Gaucher III patient (Gaslini Institute cell line F0971986) grown in 96-well black glass bottomed microplates (In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View CA)"

  16. The machinery underlying malaria parasite virulence is conserved between rodent and human malaria parasites
    Mariana De Niz, et al., Nature Communications
    Quote: "For binding assays, individual CHO cell lines were grown to 70% confluence, and 104 cells seeded in 33 mm polystyrene dishes (In Vitro Scientific) 24–36 h before binding assays"

  17. Direct influence of culture dimensionality on human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation at various matrix stiffnesses using a fibrous self-assembling peptide hydrogel
    NJ Hogrebe, et al., J. of Biomedical Materials Research
    Quote: "The gels were placed in glass bottom petri dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) and imaged with a confocal microscope"

  18. Optical electrophysiology for probing function and pharmacology of voltage-gated ion channels
    Hongkang Zhang, et al., eLife
    Quote: "NaV1.7-Optopatch HEK cells were replated onto 0.02 mg/mL poly-d-lysine coated glass-bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific) at a density of ~10,000 cells/cm2"

  19. Geometry of the contact zone between fused membrane-coated beads mimicking cell-cell fusion
    F Savić, et al., Biophysical Journal
    Quote: "Glass bottom petri dishes with a dish size of 35 mm and a 14 mm bottom well (glass 0.16–0.19 mm) from In Vitro Scientific (Sunnyvale, CA) were coated with casein from bovine milk"

  20. Variation in stiffness regulates cardiac myocyte hypertrophy via signaling pathways
    J Li, et al., Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
    Quote: "PDMS was then spun onto cell culture glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific, California, USA)"

  21. SCR1 is required for both axonal growth cone extension and steering
    Wei Wang, et al., Journal of Cell Biology
    Quote: "A 24-well plate containing 12-mm glass coverslips or 6-well plate containing 18-mm square glass coverslips (In Vitro Scientific) coated with poly-d-lysine (50 µg/ml) were used for seeding neurons"

  22. Through the Looking Glass: Time-lapse Microscopy and Longitudinal Tracking of Single Cells to Study Anti-cancer Therapeutics
    RT Burke, et al., Jove
    Quote: "35 mm Dish, 20 mm glass bottom, Cellvis, D35-20-1.5-N"

  23. Imaging of transfection and intracellular release of intact, non-labeled DNA using fluorescent nanodiamonds
    V Petrakova, et al., Nanoscale
    Quote: "The equivalent of 10 5 cells seeded on a glass bottomed 6-well plate (In Vitro Scientific, USA) was incubated either with FND–PEI or FND–PEI–DNA"

  24. Radiation Promptly Alters Cancer Live Cell Metabolic Fluxes: An In Vitro Demonstration
    David Campos, et al., Radiation Research
    Quote: "Cells were plated to approximately 50% confluence in 60 mm glass bottom dishes with 35 mm cover slip wells [cat. no. D60-30-1 5-N; Cellvis (In Vitro Scientific)"

  25. OptoDyCE as an automated system for high-throughput all-optical dynamic cardiac electrophysiology
    Aleksandra Klimas, et al., Nature Communications
    Quote: "For all cell conditions, 50 μg ml−1 fibronectin, diluted in PBS, was used on 96-well glass-bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific) and incubated at 37 °C for at least 2 h before cell plating"

  26. Incorporation of VSV-G produces fusogenic plasma membrane vesicles capable of efficient transfer of bioactive macromolecules and mitochondria
    H Lin, et al., Biomedical Microdevices
    Quote: "Cells were harvested at 5 h, washed and reseeded into a 35-mm glass bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  27. Molecular Basis of Transient Neonatal Zinc Deficiency NOVEL ZnT2 MUTATIONS DISRUPTING ZINC BINDING AND PERMEATION
    Y Golan, et al., JBC
    Quote: "For fluorescence microscopy cells were seeded (2 × 10 5 cells/well) in 24-well glass bottom plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  28. The In Vitro Response of Tissue Stem Cells to Irradiation With Different Linear Energy Transfers
    PW Nagle, et al., Radiation Oncology
    Quote: "Two days before irradiation for immunofluorescent microscopy of the 2D cultures, the cells were seeded in glass-bottomed, 12-well, tissue culture plates (p12-1.5HN; In Vitro Scientific [now Cellvis]"

  29. A scalable strategy for high-throughput GFP tagging of endogenous human proteins
    Manuel D. Leonetti, et al., PNAS
    Quote: "Cells were grown in 96-well glass bottom plates with no. 1.5 high performance cover glass (In Vitro Scientific) coated with Fibronectin"

  30. Cellular uptake of exogenous calcineurin B is dependent on TLR4/MD2/CD14 complexes, and CnB is an endogenous ligand of TLR4
    J Yang, et al., Scientific Reports
    Quote: "The SK-HEP-1 cells (ATCC) or 293 cells (Life technologies) were seeded on a 35-mm glass-bottom dish (D35-20-1-N, In Vitro Scientific)"

  31. High content analysis platform for optimization of lipid mediated CRISPR-Cas9 delivery strategies in human cells
    Benjamin Steyer, et al., Acta Biomaterialia
    Quote: "HEK H2B-mCherry cells were plated at 7500–10,000 cells per well with 125 μL of imaging media in gelatin A coated 96 well glass plates (In Vitro Scientific, P96-1.5HN)"

  32. CHNQ, a novel 2-Chloro-1, 4-naphthoquinone derivative of quercetin, induces oxidative stress and autophagy both in vitro and in vivo
    Shabnam Enayat, et al., Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    Quote: "2 × 10 5 cells/well were seeded in glass bottom dishes (35 mm, In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  33. Overexpression of Protein Kinase Mζ in the Hippocampus Enhances Long-Term Potentiation and Long-Term Contextual But Not Cued Fear Memory in Rats
    Sven R.M. Schuette, et al., Journal of Neuroscience
    Quote: "Each slice was dried in a 12-well plate with high performance German cover glass (In Vitro Scientific) and finally covered with Flouroshield histology mounting medium"

  34. Long-term primary culture of neurons taken from chick embryo brain: A model to study neural cell biology, synaptogenesis and its dynamic properties
    A Kumar, et al., Journal of Neuroscience Methods
    Quote: "Confocal cover glass bottom dish 35 mm (D35-20-1-N, 35 dish, 20 mm Microwell #1 Glass sterile, In Vitro Scientific, USA)"

  35. Cell resistant zwitterionic polyelectrolyte coating promotes bacterial attachment: an adhesion contradiction
    JS Martinez, et al., Biomaterial Science
    Quote: "Alternatively, 35 mm glass bottom dish with a 20 mm micro-well sealed with a coverslip (#1 from In Vitro Scientific) were used"

    Nefthi Sandeep, et al., J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg.
    Quote: "Macrospheres were gently embedded into a 3D collagen matrix (Nitta Gelatin, Osaka, Japan) and applied to 9.6 cm 2 glass bottom culture dishes (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  37. LKB1 kinase-dependent and -independent defects disrupt polarity and adhesion signaling to drive collagen remodeling during invasion
    Jessica Konen, et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell
    Quote: "spheroids were collected and resuspended in 2.0 mg/ml Collagen Type I (Advanced Biomatrix, San Diego, CA) and then plated in a Lab-Tek 8-well borosilicate bottom plate (Thermo Scientific) for immunofluorescence; a 35-mm glass-bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  38. MicroRNA-126 induces autophagy by altering cell metabolism in malignant mesothelioma
    M Tomasetti, et al., Oncotarget
    Quote: "using Lipofectamine 3000 (Life Technologies) two days before the experiment in glass bottom microscopy dishes (In Vitro Scientific)"

  39. Structural insights and in vitro reconstitution of membrane targeting and activation of human PI4KB by the ACBD3 protein
    M Klima, et al., Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 23641.
    Quote: "COS-7 cells were plated onto 29-mm-diameter poly-L-Lysine coated glass bottom dishes (In Vitro Scientific) at 100,000 cells/well density and transfected using the Lipofectamine2000 reagent"

  40. Hydrogel microstructure live-cell array for multiplexed analyses of cancer stem cells, tumor heterogeneity and differential drug response at single-element
    E Afrimzon, et al, Lab on a Chip
    Quote: "Six micro-well glass bottom plates were purchased from In Vitro Scientific (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)"

  41. Versatile protein tagging in cells with split fluorescent protein
    Daichi Kamiyama, et al., Nature Communications
    Quote: "The cells were grown in 96-well glass bottom plates with #1.5 high-performance cover glass (In Vitro Scientific) coated with either Poly-L-Lysine (Sigma-Aldrich) or Fibronectine (Roche)"

  42. Selective Cell Elimination from Mixed 3D Culture Using a Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy Technique
    K Sato, et al., Journal of Visualized Experiments
    Quote: "35 mm glass bottom dish, dish size 35 mm, well size 10 mm, Cellvis (Mountain View, CA, USA), D35-10-0-N"

  43. Expansion and concatenation of nonmuscle myosin IIA filaments drive cellular contractile system formation during interphase and mitosis
    Aidan M. Fenix, et al., Cytoskeleton
    Quote: "Cells were kept at 37°C and 5% CO2. Growth substrates were prepared by coating #1.5 glass coverslips (D35C4-20-1.5N or D35-20-1.5N; In Vitro Scientific, Mountain View, CA) with 25 μg/ml laminin"

  44. A Bright and Fast Red Fluorescent Protein Voltage Indicator That Reports Neuronal Activity in Organotypic Brain Slices
    Ahmed S. Abdelfattah, et al., Journal of Neuroscience
    Quote: "cells were replated onto glass-bottom dishes (D35-20-1.5-N; In Vitro Scientific) coated with Matrigel (BD Biosciences) at 10,000 cells/cm2"

  45. Exploring stathmin control of cell survival through negative feedback of a JNK-dependent pathway
    Jessica Leung, et al., Matters
    Quote: "HeLa cells were plated on glass bottom dishes (CellVis) and imaged using a Nikon Biostation IM"

  46. Munc13-4 Is a Rab11-binding protein that regulates Rab11-positive vesicle trafficking and docking at the plasma membrane
    JL Johnson, et al., JBC
    Quote: "The cells were then resuspended in phenol red-free RPMI (Life Technologies) and seeded into 4-chamber 35-mm glass bottom dishes (number 1.5 borosilicate coverglass, In Vitro Scientific)"

  47. LKB1 kinase-dependent and -independent defects disrupt polarity and adhesion signaling to drive collagen remodeling during invasion
    Jessica Konen, et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell
    Quote: "a 35-mm glass-bottom dish (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA) for multiphoton microscopy"

  48. Waves of actin and microtubule polymerization drive microtubule-based transport and neurite growth before single axon formation
    Amy M Winans, et al., eLife
    Quote: "Cell were plated in LabTek II Chambered Coverglass chambers (Nunc, Rochester, New York), 96-well glass bottomed plates (In Vitro Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA)"

  49. iRAGE as a novel carboxymethylated peptide that prevents advanced glycation end product-induced apoptosis and endoplasmic reticulum stress in vascular smooth muscle cells
    JS Maltais, et al., Pharmacological Research
    Quote: "NFκB-GFP assay. Cells were grown to 70% confluence in glass-bottom 24-well plates (P24-1.5HN, In Vitro Scientific)"

  50. Anthropogenic Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Elicit Neuropathic Pain in an Amputation Model
    Bryan Black , et al., PLos One
    Quote: "DRG neurons were then re-suspended in NbActiv4 (BrainBits, USA) plus 25 ng/ml nerve growth factor (NGF, Sigma Aldrich, USA) and transferred onto glass-bottomed 35 mm culture dishes (In Vitro Scientific, USA)"