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4 Chamber glass bottom dishes

4 Chamber glass bottom dishes medium picture
4 Chamber glass bottom dishes large picture

Designed for high resolution imaging such as confocal microscopy.

A 4 Chamber 35mm glass bottom dish has the same size as a 35mm glass bottom dish. However the dish is divided into 4 chambers that quadruples sample size.

Note: We found that a small percentage of microscope adapters are too small for our 35 mm glass bottom dishes. Please check carefully the dimension of the dishes in product detail page. If your adapter is too small, you should use our 29mm glass bottom dish instead.

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Product # Well Size Coverslip » view coverslip spec Packing Price(case)
D35C4-20-0-N 20.0 mm #0 100/case $184.00 USD
D35C4-20-1-N 20.0 mm #1 100/case $184.00 USD
D35C4-20-1.5-N 20.0 mm #1.5 100/case $184.00 USD


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