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29 mm Glass Bottom Dishes

29 mm Glass Bottom Dishes picture


We found that a small percentage of microscope adapters are too small for our 35 mm glass bottom dishes. 29 mm glass bottom dishes are designed for these adapters. In general 29 mm glass bottom dishes can fit into adapters that 35 mm glass bottom dishes fit. However 29 mm glass bottom dishes are smaller thus are harder to handle.
  • Suitable for long term tissue culture
  • Manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room
  • Dish made from virgin polystyrene, tissue culture treated.
  • German cover glass of superior optical quality
  • A USP class VI adhesive is used to assemble the cover glass and the dish.
  • Packed in easy to open peelable bag
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation.
Catalog # Well Size Cover Slip (cover slip spec & application) Packing Price(case) Quantity
D29-10-0-N » 10mm #0 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-10-1-N » 10mm #1 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-10-1.5-N » 10mm #1.5 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-14-0-N » 14mm #0 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-14-1-N » 14mm #1 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-14-1.5-N » 14mm #1.5 10/sleeve, 100/case $100.00
D29-20-0-N » 20mm #0 10/sleeve, 100/case $125.00
D29-20-1-N » 20mm #1 10/sleeve, 100/case $125.00
D29-20-1.5-N » 20mm #1.5 10/sleeve, 100/case $125.00
D29-20-1.5H » 20mm #1.5H 10/sleeve, 100/case $215.00
D29-20-1.5P » 20mm #1.5P 10/sleeve, 100/case $150.00
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